Descendants of William Rogan Sr. (1848-1916) of Lloydminster, Sask., Canada

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Rules for reading this table
1. Each additional column to the right is a new generation.
2. First two generations are, of course, all deceased, but this is not indicated.
3. Blood descendants of William Rogan Sr. are shown in bold.
4. Siblings are separated by at least one blank line, listed oldest to youngest.
5. Step-children of blood descendants are underscored, but not other step-children.
6. Family members are listed first, followed by spouse, not separated by blank line.
7. Multiple spouses are listed from first to last.

Note that Rules 4 and 7 guarantee that time order regarding marriages and
birth of children proceeds from top to bottom within the listing of a family.
There is one exception, as specified in Rule 8.

8. A later spouse with whom there are no children is surrounded by
bold parentheses and placed immediately after a previous spouse with children,
and before that previous spouse's children.
Click here for a detailed explanation and
examples. This prevents any confusion in having the later spouse's name stranded
far down the listing.

Click on green letter-digit, e.g. A1 in the Gen.1-3 table
to jump down to that zone in the Gen.3-6 table.
Click on (top) in the latter table to return to top of the first table.

Latest Update: 22-Aug-2014.

Family members added shown in orange.
Changes shown in red.

Gen.3-6 table reordered to match age order of the 2nd generation,
and family member code numbers changed accordingly.

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Generations 1-3

William Rogan Sr.
Marion Byron
Marion "Jenny" Rogan
Frank Webber
Kingston Webber (deceased) -->A1
William Rogan Jr.
Hildegard Olsen
Joyce Rogan (deceased) -->B1

Dermont "Bill" Rogan (deceased)
Ilene Papworth (deceased)

Howard Rogan (deceased) -->B2
Katherine "Kitty" Olsen
Patricia Rogan (deceased) -->C1

Tim Rogan (deceased) -->C2

Grace Rogan -->C3
Abraham Rogan
Iris Glendinning
Helen Rogan (deceased)
Albert Steward (deceased)

Glen Rogan -->D1

Dorothy Rogan -->D2

Barbara Rogan -->D3

Generations 3-6

A1 (top)
A1  Kingston Webber (deceased)
A1a  Signe Lakness (deceased)
A11   Karen Webber
A11a   Fred Winsor
A111   Haaken Winsor
A12   Janis Webber
A12a   Jim Nelson
A121   Jamie Nelson
A13   John Webber
A13a   Peggy Lacy
A131   Scott Webber
A131a   Stacey Campbell
A1311   Madison Webber

A1312   Alley Webber
B1 (top)
B1  Joyce Rogan (deceased)
B1a  Bill Fulton (deceased)
B1b  (Don Bowen (deceased?))
B11   Gail Fulton
B11a   Mike Eagen
B11b   Richard Aylesworth

B12   Gary Fulton (deceased)
B12a   Sue Carter

B13   Joy Fulton
B13a   Bill Laidlaw
B13b   Marjorie Ray

B14   Terri Fulton
B14a   Robert McPhail
B141   Chanel McPhail
B2 (top)
B2  Howard Rogan (deceased)
B2a   Cecilia "Sally" Scheck (deceased)
B21   Rose Rogan
B21a   Ludovic Doucet (deceased)
B21b   Nikolas Kulczycki

B22   Irene Rogan
B22a   Raymond Doucet
B221   Colleen Doucet
B221a   Greg Wynnyk
B2211   Alexandra Wynnyk
B23   Marianne Rogan
B23a   Henry Boulianne
B231   Richard Boulianne
B231a   Jennifer Yake
B2311   Brayden Boulianne

B2312   Brooklyn Boulianne

B2313   Drake Boulianne

B2314   Jarett Boulianne
B232   Ronald Boulianne
B232a   Tracy Ellis
B2321   Felicity Boulianne

B2322   Katrina Boulianne

B2323   Raymond Boulianne
B233   Shannon Boulianne
B233a   Dave Kostyniuk
B2331   Ella Kostyniuk
B24   Bill "Willy" Rogan (deceased)
B24a   Laverne Doucet
B241   Shanna Rogan
B24b   Laurel Gambel
B242   Crystal Shewchuk
B242a   Bradley Rosichuk
B2421   Kobi Rosichuk
B242b   Jarett Desroches (deceased)
B2422   Liam Desroches
B243   Vikki Shewchuk
B243a   Ken Williams
B2431   Kristy-Ann Williams

B2432   Katalina Williams

B2433   Ava Williams
B244   Desirae Shewchuk
B244a   Curtis Couillard
B2441   Damein Couillard
B245   Lyrissa Shewchuk
B2451   Name Name
B25   Eileen Rogan
B25a   Gilles Boulianne
B251   Sherry Boulianne
B251a   Thomas Wolitski
B2511   Megan Wolitski (deceased)

B2512   Kailee Wolitski
B252   Shelley Boulianne
B252a   Les Miskolzie
B2521   Emilia Miskolzie

B2522   Dylan Miskolzie
B253   Aline Boulianne
B253a   Maurice Brousseau
B2531   Daryan Brousseau

B2532   Madison Brousseau

B2533   Kieran Brousseau
B254   Amanda Boulianne
B254a   Sheldon Oberg
B2541   Kara Oberg

B2542   Elizabeth Oberg

B255   Christal Boulianne
B255a   Richard Brodziak
B2551   Afton Brodziak

B2552   Denay Brodziak
C1 (top)
C1   Patricia Rogan (deceased)
C1a   Alex Wickham
C1b  (Robert Rabaey (deceased))
C1c  (Alfred Meek)
C11   Patricia Wickham
C11a   Colin Miller
C111   Melanie Miller
C111a   Robert Bennett
C1111   Samantha Bennett

C1112   Danielle Bennett

C1113   Michael Bennett
C112   Morgan Miller
C112a   Pam Leishman
C1121   Jamie Miller

C1122   Charlie Miller
C12   Richard Wickham
C12a   Penny Aldag
C121   Christine Wickham
C121a   Darren Saam
C1211   Brayden Saam

C1212   Austin Saam

C1213   Erica Saam

C1214   Payton Saam
C122   Brenda Wickham
C122a   Dean Mackin
C1221   Kallen Simbulan

C1222   Ashton Mackin
C123   Ryan Wickham
C123a   Michelle Sims
C13   Ken Wickham
C13a   Nadien Auger
C131   Starla Wickham
C131a   Byron Fluker
C1311   Breanna Fluker

C1312   Brittney Fluker

C1313   Brooklyn Fluker
C131b   Alan Wilson
C1314   Andrew Wilson

C1315   Desiree Wilson
C132   Tawna Wickham
C132a   Tim Bugera
C1321   Alana Bugera

C1322   Colton Bugera
C133   Corey Wickham
C133a   Kristina Dunn
C1331   Patrick Wickham

C1332   Cloe Wickham
C14   Dean Wickham
C14a   Debra Slobodin
C141   Derek Wickham
C141a   Tricia Christie
C141b   Mandy Bernsden
C1411   Willow Wickham
C142   DJ Wickham
C142a   Brittany Hutton
C15   Dave Wickham
C15a   Shelley Girodat
C151   Joey Wickham
C151a   Teresa Dunn
C1511   Aliya Wickham

C1512   Lodune Wickham

C1513   Jaida Wickham
C152   Lyndsey Wickham
C16   Tracey Wickham
C16a   Tim Stevenson
C161   Kimberly Stevenson

C162   Krista Stevenson

C163   Tanner Stevenson
C2 (top)
C2   Tim Rogan (deceased)
C2a   Florence Wickham
C21   Lynn Pengelly
C21a   Julius Fehr
C21b   (Albert Gudelot)
C21c   (Fred Whitford)
C211   Verna Fehr
C2111   Damian Fehr

C2112   Colton Kopp

C2113   Anastasia Redford
C212   Bruce Fehr
C212a   Nicole Dion
C2121   Jeffrey Fehr

C2122   Jessica Fehr
C213   Tammy Fehr
C213a   Lance Lewis
C2131   Troy Lewis

C2132   Emma Lewis

C2133   Paulla Conway
C22   Louise Rogan
C22a   Carson Sparkes
C22b   (Curtis Myson)
C221   Rachelle Sparkes

C222   Jamie Sparkes
C222a   Amber Gervais
C2221   Ivy Sparkes
C23   Gerald Rogan
C23a   Bulah Hart
C231   June Hart
C231a   Ryan Hansen
C2311   Erica Hansen

C2312   Jordan Hansen

C2313   Addison Hansen

C2314   Sienna Hansen
C231b   Francis MacIntyre
C2315   Lachlan MacIntyre
C232   Paul Hart
C232a   Leslie Rogers
C2321   Dacey Hicks

C2322   Alyssa Hart

C2323   Emily Hart

C2324   Rogan Hart
C3 (top)
C3   Grace Rogan
C3a   George Wickham (deceased)
C31   Tim Wickham
C31a   Julie McNeill
C311   Trevor Wickham
C311a   Gail Wright

C312   Lorinda Wickham
C312a   Mike Goacher
C3121   Abbeygale Goacher
C32   Dennis Wickham
C32a   Marie Loucks
C321   Stephanie Wickham

C322   Brenna Wickham
D1 (top)
D1   Glen Rogan
D1a   Bonnie Kirkland
D11   Shannon Rogan
D11a   Wade Schreder
D111   Cory Schreder

D112   Danby Schreder

D113   Jamie Schreder
D12   Thomas Rogan
D12a   Rose Harvey
D121   Joseph Rogan
D12b   Marjanca Kolesa (deceased)
D122   Janko Rogan
D13   Bonnie Rogan
D13a   Terry Hesketh
D131   Jonathan Hesketh

D132   Krista Hesketh

D133   Jeffrey Hesketh
D2 (top)
D2  Dorothy Rogan
D2a  Don Housden (deceased)
D21   Julia Housden
D21a   Don Proulx
D211   Douglas Proulx

D212   Sarah Proulx
D22   William Housden
D22a   Maria Coutinho
D3 (top)
D3  Barbara Rogan
D3a  Allan Jarvis (deceased)
D31   James Jarvis
D31a   Rose ???

D32   Michael Jarvis

D33   Robert Jarvis
D33a   Karen Gervais
D33b   (Shannon ???)
D331   Kyle Jarvis

D332   Brody Jarvis
D332a   Jasmine Lambert